Our philosophy is to be a flexible business partner of our clients developing medium and long term relationships that allow us to combine our mining experience with the experience of the producers, we have lived the best results in these last years working in synergy where we have achieved unattainable goals alone and that adapt perfectly to globalization and the need for a market that always asks us to be more competitive and also offer new ideas.

The main markets of our society are the ceramics industry with manufacturers of furniture for bathrooms and on the floor with tile manufacturers, we have also developed products for glass producers and since 2011 we have started to study the application and use of our products in alternative sectors (others).

We want to indicate some examples of our main clients in Mexico identified by the markets where you can understand both the concept of being business partners and the “industrial cluster” being the same transnational corporations that produce in several geographical areas where our group is present.

The graph shows the participation of our company in the central zone of the Mexican Republic for the pulverized products of origin in our Tlaxcala plant.