Privacy Notice for the Protection of Personal Data.

In terms of the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter referred to as   “the Law”), we ask you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions contained in this Privacy Notice, as the simple contribution that you make of your personal data either by physical or electronic means constitutes the express acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and consequently expressly authorizes us to the treatment and transfer of your personal data in the terms that are expressed below:

Terms and Conditions

1.- This Notice is intended to protect your personal data through which legitimate,controlled and informed treatment will be given, in order to guarantee your privacy,as well as your right to information self-determination.

2.- Personal data will be understood as those established in article 3, sections V and VI of the Law, in addition to the financial or economic data that we may request.

3.- The company called MEXICAN SILICATES S.A. DE C.V. (hereinafter the”COMPANY”, in accordance with the provisions of Article 15 of the Law, will be responsible for your personal information (hereinafter Personal Data.) For the above, the “COMPANY” is committed to safeguarding your information Personal with the highest rates of legal, technological and administrative security, as well as committing not to sell, rent, share or disclose your personal information to third parties for illicit purposes.

4.- When filling in any of our formats, send your personal data via email to the employees of the “COMPANY” and / or through the physical delivery of said information, you accept and authorize the “COMPANY” to use and deal with automated your Personal Data and information provided, which will be part of our database with the purpose of using them in an enunciative way, but not limited to: identify, locate, communicate, contact you, send you information related to the “COMPANY”.

Your personal data may also have, among others, the following purposes:

1. Address legal requirements of competent authorities.

2. Conduct studies for internal control purposes

3. Make your knowledge, the range of new products and / or services, as well as benefits, discounts, promotions, market studies, promotions, notifications about change in conditions and in general all advertising derived from products and / or services offered by the “COMPANY” and / or affiliated companies and / or subsidiaries thereof

4. Analysis of the use of our products and / or services.

5. To comply with our terms and conditions derived from a legal relationship.

5.- The temporality of the handling of your Personal Data will be indefinite from the date on which you provide us, being able to oppose the handling of them at any time that you consider appropriate according to the terms and conditions established in the Law.

6.-By the foregoing, I expressly accept and authorize the “COMPANY” to make the transfer of my personal data either inside or outside the territory of the United Mexican States to:

1. The affiliated companies and subsidiaries of the “COMPANY”.

2. Third party service providers for compliance with the legal obligations acquired by the “COMPANY” or by any of the affiliated companies and subsidiaries of the “COMPANY”.

3. Third party service providers of research, data analysis, sending information focused on the needs of the owner of personal data, as well as performing other services required or required by the owner of personal data.

3. Third parties arising from a corporate restructuring, including the merger, consolidation, sale, liquidation or transfer of assets.

4. Other transmissions provided for in the aforementioned Law and its Regulations. Third parties and entities receiving personal data, assume the same obligations and / or responsibilities of the “COMPANY” in accordance with what is described in this Privacy Notice.

The owner of the Personal Data that submits any request for information or to enter into any type of legal relationship with the “COMPANY” expressly accepts the transfer of their personal data, in the terms described in this Privacy Notice.</p

7.- The “COMPANY” reserves the right to modify and / or change this Privacy Notice at any time. Any change to this privacy notice will be reported to you through any of the following means:

1. Notices in the address of the “COMPANY”.
2. Email provided by the owner of personal data.
3. Publications issued by the “COMPANY”
4. Any other means of public or private communication established at the time.

The “COMPANY” as responsible for the treatment of their personal data, is obliged to comply with the principles of lawfulness, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility protected in the Law; for this reason, based on articles 13 and 14 of the Law, the “COMPANY” undertakes to make reasonable efforts to limit the period of processing of Personal Data, as well as to keep strict confidentiality of your Personal Data, to maintain the measures of administrative, technical and physical security that allow them to be protected against any damage, loss, theft, alteration, access or unauthorized treatment.

8.- In terms of what is established by Article 22 of the Law, you have the right at any time to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of your Personal Data, through the request via email to @ Mexican silicates attention .com, or in writing at our home located at CALLE 20 NOVEMBER 54 CENTRO, TLAXCALA, TLAXCALA, México CP 90000 In compliance with article 29 of the Law, said request must contain the following information:

1) Your name and address or other means to communicate the response to your
2) The documents that prove your identity or, where appropriate, the legal
representation of the person making the request in your name;
3) The clear and precise description of the Personal Data with respect to which one
seeks to exercise any of the rights mentioned in the previous paragraph, and
4) Any other element or document that facilitates the location of your Personal Data.

In case of requesting the rectification of your Personal Data, you must also indicate the modifications to be made and provide the necessary official documentation to support your request.

The response to your request will be communicated to you within a period of twenty business days, counted from the effective date on which your request was received, and may be extended to twenty days in the cases established by law; in order that, if appropriate, the measures adopted to comply with your request will be carried out, which will be carried out within fifteen business days following the date on which the response is communicated.


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