The main purpose of the company Mexican Silicates is the exploitation of mineral deposits, the processing and commercialization of industrial minerals such as feldspathic sands, siliceous sands of different physical / chemical characteristics and thanks to the use of own technology, it is also dedicated to valorize secondary raw material or industrial waste “PRE-CONSUMER”.

In 2003, the company was created to initiate two initiatives in the Mexican territory in a parallel manner, the first being an investigation of mining deposits in the State of Puebla (Zacatlan), which is known in Mexico as the main center for the exploitation of the feldspar mineral that culminates in the joint venture with the owner of the land of the company Feldmex SA of C.V. where Mexican Silicates participates in a minority way, however, it installs the own machinery for the wet treatment of feldspar with the technology of the Group, the second is the construction and start-up of the grinding plant in the State of Tlaxcala that enters into operations at the middle of year 2005 where the peculiarity of the same is that being built inside an important client the dedicated space is 1,500 m2 same that rende almost unique the plant for relationship between built space / tons produced.

In 2007, after only 2 years of operations thanks to the confidence provided by the Mexican market on one side and new ideas concretized on the other, the company acquires an area of ​​15,000 m2 adjacent to the plant in operations in Tlaxcala in order to grow and offer new products. services, this occurs in parallel to the acquisition in Zacatlan of a mine of its own called Segunda Chivería, which enters into operations the following year.

The latest initiative of Mexican Silicates takes shape in 2012 where a business idea is transformed into a ambitious Ecological and Social project studied meticulously in all its details,society was born Ecominerali Mexicana S.A. of C.V. in “joint venture” with a businessman from the
north of the Mexican republic.

Mexican Silicates thanks to the impulse and confidence of the Italian corporate started since 2013 in offering the technology owned by the Group, and some services to the market in general being able to know more in detail all the proposed services: Corporate Minerali.

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